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Meet Lucy

Specialist Vocal & Singing Coach

Voice Speech and Language Therapist


I’m Lucy! Welcome to Dexter Vocals - my private practice offering specialist Voice & Singing Coaching. This practice runs alongside my other role within the NHS as a Speech and Language Therapist, in which I specialise in clinical voice disorders and performers voice rehabilitation. 


I work with elite & professional voice users who are finding some difficulty within their singing or speaking voice. This includes a range of professions including; professional singers and actors, amateur performers, teachers, public speakers, lawyers, anyone who relies on their voice on a regular basis. 

I hold space for my clients to focus on, and explore their vocal system to inform healthy, positive and efficient voice use.

I sometimes work with private and NHS ENT departments to aid clients post ENT/speech therapy referrals, to begin (post endoscopy) or continue their rehabilitation and vocal journeys. 


In your sessions with me we will take a holistic approach to coaching your voice, considering your whole person, the body, the mind, and your environments.

Your voice is precious and unique to you, so your sessions are completely centred around your particular vocal presentation, any endoscopy results, as well as your personal needs and goals.

Building awareness of your whole vocal system with mindfulness, and respect for your body will all be essential. I am always working toward empowering you with the knowledge to take charge of your own voice and feel confident doing so. 

I work with clients of all ages, voice types and genres of performance. 

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*** Please note: I am not a replacement for an ENT referral or package of care from the NHS. If you would like advice around this, or around accessing speech therapy services please do not hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to talk to you about it. 

My Availability & Working Hours:

Monday : ENT Manchester Royal Infirmary - NHS contract

Tuesday : ENT Manchester Royal Infirmary - NHS contract

Wednesday: Bechstein Studios, Manchester - First Wednesday in the month // Physiotherapy Rooms - Bridge Mills, Holmfirth. Weekly // Institution based coaching. 

Thursday: Wythenshawe Hospital Manchester - Performers voice clinic - NHS contract.


Friday: Wythenshawe Hospital Manchester - NHS contract

Saturday: Physiotherapy Rooms - Bridge Mills, Holmfirth

Workshops: Sat/Sun UK Wide, throughout the year. 

Vibration Studios, Huddersfield - Specialist bespoke sessions for singers.

Online - Throughout the week.


Conservatoires / Dance and Drama Colleges.

I am currently open to music and drama colleges to discussions around teaching classes in Voice, dialects, acting techniques, acting through song, or one to one voice/singing coaching. I can also provide vocal health support with full modules on Voice, Vocal Health, Anatomy and Physiology, and the ENT Pathway.

Corporate Companies

I am available to advise or deliver staff training to businesses on:

- Vocal health, voice care and efficient voice use. 

- Adapting work environments to reduce risk of voice disorders in the workplace as an occupational hazard. 

This is applicable to environments such as: call centres/sales/schools/law schools/public speaking/management roles etc... 


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