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My Background

I began my journey into coaching when performing professionally as an Actor and Singer in London, touring the UK and Europe from the age of 17.

Throughout my own training and professional career, I have (and continue to) shadow/ed and work/ed alongside some of this country’s finest practitioners in Voice, Singing, Speech Therapy, Movement, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais and Acting Techniques. These practitioners, and my own vocal and performance journey inspired me to move further into coaching rather than performing, and dedicate myself to learning more about our fascinating vocal system and what affects its performance potential.

I have now been coaching privately for 11 years with 8 of those years purely as a vocal coach. I have seen clients privately as well as in institutions and performing arts schools, coaching singing, voice, acting through song, technical acting and audition technique.

This passion extended when I began to see clients who were/ had been struggling with their voice, maybe they had a previous vocal injury. I suddenly felt very out of my depth: 

- How could I help these singers, was I qualified to do that?

- Am I insured to do that? 

- Is this MY remit as a singing/voice coach or does it belong with a clinical professional? 

After a great conversation with the fabulous Gillyanne Kayes, she suggested ' I think what your explaining to me is a clinical role: Speech Therapy - for performers'. So I went back to university and got my Masters of Science in Speech and Language Therapy! I now work for the Wythenshawe and Manchester Royal Hospitals in Clinical Voice Disorders and Performers Voice Rehabilitation. I'm officially a true voice geek!

In my own time I practice Kundalini yoga and breath work techniques as well as hiking in the glorious Peak District and a spot of wild swimming when I'm brave enough.

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The Poor School


PG Dip (Distinction)

Classical Acting

The University of Hull

BA Hons (2:1)

Drama and Theatre Practice

Manchester Metropolitan University

MSc (Distinction)

Speech and Language Therapy


"Knowledge levels of Professional Singers in Typical to Atypical Vocal Function and the SLT’s role in their vocal management in the UK."

Sheffield Hallam

PG Cert Management of Dysphagia in Adults

Continuous Professional Development

Follow the Science - British Voice Association 2023

Feldenkrais for the Voice Studio - Voice Study Centre 2023

Speech Therapy for Performers - Voice Study Centre & Newcastle Voice Team

Incorporating SOVT for Voice Disorders- North West Voice CEN 

Managing Laryngeal Injury - The British Voice Association

Neuro-Laryngology - The British Voice Association

Advanced Singing Teacher Training- The Vocal Process

SOVT 1 + 2 -  The Vocal Proces

Mastering Musical Theatre - The Vocal Process

Best Practice Update in Singing Teaching - The Vocal Process

My Singer has a voice problem - The Vocal Process

Pitch, Pace and Power - The vocal process

Working with the CCM Singer - The British Voice Association

Recovering from illness - BAPAM

Understanding Autism - LSCFT

The Estill Model Level 1+2 - The Voice Explained

Personal: 9 years classical singing study - Sarah Rhodes AGSM


Newcastle Voice Conference 2022

Cutting Edge Laryngology 2022

Manchester Head and Neck Symposium 2022


Voice Clinics Forum: Management of Psychogenic Voice disorders 2024

Cutting Edge Laryngology 2024

Newcastle Voice conference 2024

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