“to anyone wishing to discover and improve their voice “


“I've discovered my voice as well as my personality... Thanks to our weekly meetings I felt confident enough to apply to Music Conservatoires and I've been offered places at all of them.”


“so much knowledge to prepare you for real industry experiences…”

“amazing, very professional and supportive…”


“always creates a comfortable environment focused on challenging me and accelerating my individual growth as a performer! Could NOT recommend this more!”


“The confidence and knowledge shown is amazing to see from my daughter already and we are only on lesson three! “


“I have NEVER thought of iambic pentameter like that before, that is eye opening... I feel like I’m finally understanding it!”


“gives gentle guidance and helps in a kind and encouraging manner.”


“It was a joy to work together and I hope there will be many more!”


“loving every minute!”


“tailors lessons to your musical preferences and learning style, backing up explanations with examples from artists in your chosen field and teaching valuable exercises to encourage sound technique.”


“I always leave having enjoyed myself and learned something new.”


“What a fantastic experience!”


“The lesson was brilliant ..informative and learned a few surprises about me which I was thrilled with.”


“get booking!”