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Performers Coaching

Singing, Voice and Performance Coaching 

Performing is a multifaceted art form that involves the use of the human voice to communicate a story to the audience. It is a skill that combines technical proficiency with emotional expression, making it both challenging and rewarding for those who pursue it.

Singing and Vocal coaching plays a crucial role in honing and developing performers abilities, helping them to improve their vocal technique, expand their vocal range, and enhance their performance skills.


At its core, vocal performance involves controlling the breath, manipulating the vocal cords, and resonating spaces and therefore, the sound, within the body. A skilled performer can shape these elements to produce a wide range of tones, dynamics, and vocal effects to convey complex emotive subjects. However, mastering these techniques requires dedicated practice and continued guidance from experienced vocal coaches.


Coaching encompasses a variety of exercises and techniques designed to strengthen the voice and improve vocal control whilst allowing open and free expression. These may include breathing exercises to develop the body-voice connection, breath support (pressure and flow), vocal warm-ups to prepare the body and voice for singing, cool downs to reset the voice and body after performing, and exercises to improve stamina, accuracy, strength, and flexibility. Additionally, vocal coaches work with singers to develop their interpretation of songs with text and character work, helping them to convey truthful storytelling, emotion and connect with their audience.


Working with the voice in an Elite manner is a complex and rewarding art form that requires dedication, skill, and ongoing training. Vocal coaching plays a crucial role in helping performers develop their technique, expand their repertoire, and unlock their full vocal potential. By exploring the principles and techniques of singing and voice coaching, performers can continue to grow and evolve as artists.



Vocal coaches also emphasize proper vocal health and technique, reducing the risk of strain or injury during performances. By promoting healthy vocal habits and teaching effective warm-up and cooldown routines, coaches help performers maintain vocal longevity and sustain their expressive potential over time. They can often be the first person to notice voice change in their students and are a key part in starting the ‘referral process’ to ENT for Endoscopy.


Vocal coaches can also work alongside your Vocal Rehabilitation Coach, Speech and Language Therapist or ENT Post Clinical input, depending on the outcome.

Why Lucy?

Lucy is a Specialist Singing and Vocal Coach of 10+years and before that a professional performer, working in London alongside touring in the UK, and concerts in Europe. She is also a certified Speech therapist who works predominantly with professional voice users, and within that group, particularly performers.

Lucy is open, honest and a good listener. She works with people from all walks of life and background. Adaptable to your needs, availability, and vocal/life goals, she will do her utmost to support you. Empowering you with the confidence and skill to safely manage your voice and get best out of your performance.

She understands the pressures put on you as professional and elite voice users, having been ‘part of your world’ for many years of her life, she is aware of the pressures on your time, finances, body, voice, and mind. This is all incorporated into how you will work together, holistically. 


Your voice is your whole performative self, not just your larynx!



"Such an inspiring professional with a radiant personality. I have learnt SO much during classes with her. She has so much knowledge to prepare you for real industry experiences, working with her is truly an amazing opportunity!"



"Always creates a comfortable environment focused on challenging me and accelerating my individual growth as a performer. Could not recommend this star more!"



"I began working with Lucy with a lot of anxiety around singing. She has helped me a lot with my self-confidence and encouraged me to discover my voice as well as my personality... She is an absolutely unique teacher... I highly recommend Lucy!"



"Lucy is a creative genius and takes such care into each decision and detail. She was a great support to not only myself but the cast who trusted her wholeheartedly. It was a joy to work together and I hope there will be many more!"


Performer, Director, Producer

"Working with Lucy was such a pleasure. Her commitment, talent and enthusiasm made her a real asset. I could not recommend Lucy highly enough, she is a thoroughly delightful person"
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