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New Job!

This week marks the end of my first week in a new clinical post!

I am now a member of the Voice Disorders and Professional Voice Rehabilitation Team at the fabulous Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester!

This hospital has a dedicated clinic for you fabulous singers and actors. You can be referred here from anywhere in the country by your GP or through BAPAM.

Spread the word .... you don't have to go to London for singing +\ professional voice investigation, voice therapy and voice rehab!

Stay tuned for the next blog post on the signs and symptoms of voice difficulties or disorders and when to seek advice.

For a list of UK specialist singers and professional voice clinics see the list on the BAPAM website :)

Lucy D

(I am, of course, still offering private consultation on Monday and Wednesday evenings in Manchester, as well as full Saturday's bi-weekly)

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