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Efficient & 
Reliable Voice Use 

Meet Lucy

Voice & Singing Coach



Welcome to Dexter Vocals!

I’m Lucy, my pronouns are she/her/hers.

Voice, Singing & Performance Coaching

I work with elite & professional voice users who are finding some difficulty or looking to improve within their singing or speaking voice. This includes a range of professions including; professional singers and actors, amateur performers, teachers, public speakers, lawyers, anyone who relies on their voice on a regular basis. 

Lucy Dexter Vocal Coach

What Do I Do?

Release, Reset and Restore your Vocal System. Mind, Body, and Voice. 

Personalised and Effective Vocal Plans to Establish Positive Vocal Behaviours.

Liaise with ENT Teams to Aid Rehabilitation Journeys.

Voice Coach,

Singing Coach, 

Performance Coach.

Voice and Singing Consultation and Vocal Health Adviser for Universities & Conservatoires

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Let’s Get Empowered!

"Lucy has an immense store of knowledge to aid others in developing their own voice and performing abilities" 

Showstopper the Musical,  Freelance Performer & Director.

" combining her scientific and clinical knowledge of the voice with her real life experience as having been a professional singer, she is able to advise her clients in a very unique way...I highly recommend her as an SLT, singing teacher, and key opinion leader." 

Mezzo Soprano

"Working with Lucy was such a pleasure. Her commitment, talent and enthusiasm made her a real asset. I could not recommend Lucy highly enough, she is a thoroughly delightful person."

 Ian Bloomfield

Director of Opera on the Run & Giggling Wolf Productions.

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