Training the Voice

Every voice is unique and so each clients session is different. Whether your speaking or singing you use the same instrument, and like training for any other muscular system, good form, mindful regular use, and a respect for your body, are all essential components when training your voice. The voice depends on many interconnected systems, an inbalance in any of those areas could cause you frustrations and prevent you from achieving your potential. 

No matter what your level of voice use, the approach to work is through encouraging appropriate posture and efficient breath use, as well as developing your grounding and awareness of your instrument. What else is covered will be hugely dependant on your voice, your vocal goals and any specific 'performance' demands, this is why its important to do an initial consultation session.

Repertoire is often used to work towards certain goals in your vocal development, whether that be musical rep, text from a monologue or a works presentation. Exercises in both the sung and spoken voice are used, but more importantly they aim to help you cross the boundary of 'learning in isolation' to actively applying technique to the context relevant to you, (performance, speech, audition, interview, presentation, etc...) this is a big part of the coaching.

Getting to know you is also a large part of the process, moving towards having an open working partnership. You should always feel comfortable to explore your voice, and of course to have some fun along the way!

**The professional performer is an elite voice user, with whom, the aim is to make them athletes in their own right, able to withstand high levels of voice use, as well as creating a fine tuned awareness of their body and instrument. 
Professional voice users use their voice for their job on a daily basis for hours on end, often under some form of stress; teachers, sales, telemarketing, managers, public speakers etc. Learning how to use the voice with efficiency can increase your confidence, presence and help to prevent any vocal problems occurring further down the line.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Joey Dexter Tuesday - Saturday 3pm - 7pm

** If you already suspect functional problems within your spoken voice please seek the advice of a qualified Speech and Language Therapist or ENT Consultant through your GP.